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Black Mac Road Seal

Black Mac Road Seal

  • Used to stabilize roads

  • Can be blended to be solvent or water based

  • Cures to a firm seal

Product Description

Because of Black Mac Road Seal's special qualities, it serves as a rejuvenating oil or quenching solution that becomes absorbed by the dried asphalt. It can be blended to be solvent or water-based and controlled to be either liquid or semi-solid and from slow to rapid drying and can contain additives such as aggregates (fillers)
  • To stabilize gravel roads intended for paving.
  • Can be sprayed on to aged asphalt roads that are pitted or faded due to weathering.
  • It fills pits and voids eliminating porosity almost immediately
  • Materials cannot be washed away
  • Does not peel or stick to tyres or shoes once fully cured
  • Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice
  • Keep container tightly closed