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Gator Grip Semi Plastic Bitumen

Gator Grip Semi Plastic Bitumen

  • Asbestos-free

  • Ready to apply

  • Liquid coating

Product Description

This is a thick bituminous liquid fortified with a plastic resin and fibres to create a water proofing film / surface sealer primer. Made from mineral spirits commonly found in silicone and most household glues, bitumen, clay and cellulose fibres.  It was designed as a plastic type material. Unlike most competitors, this product does not contain sulphuric acid or any corrosive materials that causes. Corrosion to steel roofs etc. does not contain asbestos, benzene, acetone and toluene which are highly linked to cancer, birth defects, miscarriages etc.
  • This cold process semi plastic bitumen allows for the applications to be repeated to form thicker layers.
  • It is not basic bitumen and does not require heat to penetrate concrete blocks, wooden posts or dried asphalt driveways etc.
  • Designed to hold a plastic film within the mix to seal porous surfaces or create an adhesion for the ‘application of mastic cement. bonds to plastic, wood, gypsum, steel, felts, plywood etc.
  • This coating has the ability to penetrate into the core of most surfaces, creeping into cracks where the drying then sets in leaving a bituminous plastic film.
  • It is used to seal foundation or retaining walls.
  • Can be used as a medium bodied liquid rejuvenator for dried asphalt matts, dried asphalt driveways or poured onto dried out gravel roof to seal small cracks.
  • Used for creating a thicker barrier and stronger film and high penetration under room temperatures because it does not require heat on first or second coats.
  • Use as a film protection on ply roofs before applying felts and shingles.
  • Use as an adhesive coating on porous surfaces before a roof patch is applied or to seal concrete water containment units that are used in cooling towers.
  • Can be painted onto garden pots, gypsum etc. use on dams, water reservoirs or large drainage systems.
  • Remove loose gravel, dirt, debris, paints before application, surface must be clean and dry.
  • This material is similar to oil base paints, it requires a mild application on first coat.
  • Allow every coat to dry thoroughly before second applications. It will tack dry in 2 – 4 hours at 28 degrees Celsius.
  • If used on asphalt driveways do not over apply material. Thicker application slows the drying rate. Faster drying product see application.
  • Can be applied straight from the can.
  • For foundation or retaining walls this material can be sprayed on or rolled on using a deep pile roller or paint brush.
  • For dried out roofing felts, gravel roofs, this material can be poured on or sprayed on. for chassis frame, white lines, ship hauls, wroth iron, bridges-concrete or wooden or steel piles, rigs, salt water lines, concrete parking lots, jetties, barges, containers or for a bituminous anti corrosive paint that will take atop coat use gator grip marine grade bituminous black paint.
  • Covers 80 sq. ft. on first coat and 120 sq. ft on second application. 120 sq. ft. may be obtained on steel surfaces.
  • Porous surfaces will absorb this material since it is designed to penetrate. See installation before applying.
  • Allow coats to dry before re-applying. Do not over apply.
  • Allow material to seep into porous surfaces before re-applying. Use in well ventilated areas. Do not heat.
  • This product comes ready to use. Msds available.
  • Does not thin, plastic solution can be destroyed.
  • Material flammable. Do not swallow. Do not store above 107 degrees fareignheight.
  • Do not apply kerosene to this product it is not a coal tar base.
  • Do not apply if rain is expected within 24 hours: do not wipe if solvent splashes occur.
  • Cannot be painted over with high thinner base paints. Cannot be applied on newly paved asphalt surfaces, allow six months.
  • Concrete surfaces must cure thoroughly approx. 14 days before sealing. Product may take longer to dry if applied too thick.