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Our products are designed to remedy the challenges experienced by many construction personnel and home owners.


The unique formulations we have developed can treat with specific issues. Our specialized range of products is uniquely adapted to local conditions.


Our specially-blended solutions have been used and put to the test for over twenty five years across different sectors within Trinidad & Tobago.

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Asphatech Limited is a specialty asphaltic coating manufacturer & installer. We serve many projects with solutions.

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High-quality & affordable sealantsFormulating high-performance polymer systems for over twenty five years

Rubberized Foundation Coating

This is a thick bituminous liquid fortified with a rubber resin and fibres to create a water proofing film

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Premium Fibrated Grade Wet/Dry Flexible Roof Patch

This is a flexible medium consistency grade of material for all types of roofs.

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Semi Plastic Bitumen

This is a thick bituminous liquid fortified with a plastic resin and fibres to create a water proofing film / surface sealer primer.

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Thick Mastic Cement Roof Patch

This is thick trowel able mastic cement designed as a plastic-type material.

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Quick Dry Concrete Primer Penetrating Solution

This product is blended with solvents, bitumen, plastic solution & minerals to form a fast drying penetrating liquid.

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Marine Grade Bituminous Black Paint

This one-coat application is an acid, alkaline, rust proofing compounded semi enamel, vapor barrier sealer.

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Automotive Seam Sealer & Sound Deadener

When compared with competing products and low quality sealers, this material does not allow moisture penetration.

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Our core business lies in the development, production and distribution of precisely engineered products.


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