About us

Established in 1998, Asphatech Limited is a specialty asphaltic coating manufacturer & installer. We can serve many projects with custom solutions. Our services are blending asphalt into a liquid state, either water-based or
solvent-based. This blend can be transformed into different categories from fast-drying to slow drying, or for wet or dry surfaces and processing of coatings to fill cracks on roadways from 1/8 – 1/4 of an inch.

Asphatech Ltd. has successfully installed our speciality ROAD SEAL on the roadway at the Diplomatic Centre in 2009 and for 5 years that surface had no potholes existing on the treated area.

Roadways done with our technology are more sealed against water penetration to the sub-layer. Damp concrete surfaces can be waterproofed with our quick-dry formula. With new technologies being developed, Asphatech Ltd will be able to blend a better pot hole patch lasting beyond twelve (12) months.

Our range of products carry the brand “Gator Grip” & have been used successfully by private homeowners & small-large companies nationwide.

Common Construction Issues Solved

Our coatings can be used to prevent moisture & corrosion on bridges, wood or steel structures, waterproof tunnels and inverts or box drains that are needed to be put into use almost immediately. Our products can be used for cast iron pipes, pot hole patching and repairing of alligator cracked surfaces.
You can brighten the look of an old faded asphalt surface such as a parking area for an exhibit, etc. We also have solutions for dust control for off-road or gravel roads used by trucks or oilfield exploration.

Our materials have been used in petroleum and non-petroleum companies. our range of sealants have been used on some major projects namely the Vinci Over Pass Project, Ispat Computer Rooms, British Gas Head Office and on many road side retaining walls.

Why choose us


All of our products are unique formulations designed to offer the highest level of protection to any surface on which they are applied.

Years of

Asphatech Limited has been developing and marketing specialty products for more than twenty-five years.


Our unique product range can be found at many hardware and home improvement stores across Trinidad & Tobago.


We are a dynamic organization that continuously develops products to address many common building needs.