Automotive Seam Sealer & Sound Deadener

As compared to competing products and low quality sealers, this material does not allow moisture penetration. It will not clog the tip of spray nozzles. Low solvent dilution required. Dries to a rigid plastic type. Made from a harder asphalt polymer base. Softer asphalt under coatings absorbs dirt quicker and does not resist 2 under wash cycles.

This is a plasticized fast drying material as compared to the conventional drying of 3 days. It is a thick mastic type material designed to be applied by spray system spatter gun.

This product can last years if used for inner cabin applications and 5 years for under body applications with a mild degreaser requirement.

  • Heavy Body
  • Mastic Grade
  • Low Solvent Content
  • Asbestos-Free
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-toxic


Under car chassis, office container, truck chassis and frames. inside door frames of cars, trucks etc. Can be used as an expansion joint filler, can be used on marine applications, as a heavy bodied asphalt paste. Will not emulsify with water.

Product may be more on the water base formula as per batch. A dilution test with either solvent (Gas or Mineral Spirits) or water to desired consistency, to be used In high pressure spray gun. Can be applied by paint brush or putty knife without dilution. Once dry, solvent must be used for clean up.

Straight from the can will cover 35 square feet at a rate of 1/4 inch thickness.

Straight from the can, touch dry 2 to 4 hours at 32 degrees Celsius. Fully cured in 12 Hrs. If thinned with kerosene product drying time will retard. If thinned with unleaded gasoline drying time will accelerate but flammability will increase.

Cut back asphalt base, heavy solvents and kerosene will cut this material. Do not over thin. Contains no corrosive additive.