Marine Grade Bituminous Black Paint

This product dries slowly allowing the resin to seal and protect surfaces or rejuvenate asphalt surfaces leaving a matt black finish. It does not peel or cause slippage like oxide paint on most surfaces and dries in 24 hours. It is also a multi purpose sealant for many surfaces e.g. gypsum, plastic, wood, metals, concrete & asphalt surfaces.

It is excellent for sealing vapors, rustproofing, moisture sealing against the weathering elements e.g. sea blast. It can be used as a primer coating in place of an oxide layer prior to painting and is designed to protect and seal with a medium gloss.

  • Waterproofing
  • Surface Sealer
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Pipe & Tank Coating
  • Anti-radiation additive
  • Asbestos-free


  • Use to seal, preserve, brighten, rejuvenate and prevent cracking, fading of old asphalt driveways, pavements and parking lots etc.
  • Rust proof & seal truck frames, wooden or steel trays, trailers, chassis from corrosion or use as a primer before the applicator of a seam sealer or as a base coat before the use of an oil paint.
  • Coat and seal inner and outer surfaces of cast iron water pipes, mains, above and below ground, water containment units, fence posts and concrete plant pots, inverts, concrete cylinders etc. from sea blast, salts, acids.
  • Use to cover white lines on roads etc.
  • Use to prevent water migration into retaining walls, steel, concrete or wooden bridges, thereby protecting the rebars etc.
  • Can be used on fiber board (MDF), gypsum as a vapor barrier.
  • Coat plastic or concrete pots to show a medium black finish or before an emulsion or oil paint application.
  • Coat concrete services to prevent vapor or to display an asphalt like driveway appearance.
  • Use to replace most wood sealers primers prior to painting.
  • Can be used on concrete plastered surfaces to seal or prevent porosity occurrence (water migration).
  • Can be painted over with emulsion finishes and oils paints etc.

For asphalt driveways:

  • Make sure the area is dry.
  • Remove all debris; stone and dust must be washed or swept away.
  • Oil spots can be treated with a degreaser and washed away with detergent.
  • Allow the area to dry overnight.

For surfaces generally:

  • Clean all loose debris, rust scale, loose paints and oil, ensure the surface is dry.

For concrete, wooden surfaces:

  • walls allow materials to dry thoroughly before painting.
  • Don’t use high amount of thinners in oils paints to coal over this material since some mixtures may cause bleed through (cracking line effect).
  • For concrete or wooden surfaces that may require a thinner film see application. Thin with mineral spirit.
  • Can be applied easily by brush, deep pile roller or sprayed on in warm sunny weather no skills required.
  • Allow first coat to dry thoroughly before applying second layer.
  • Material may be required to be thinned for concrete walls.
  • Thinner application use only one quart of fast drying lacquer thinners.
  • For a thicker non flammable seam sealer see our Gator Grip Seam Sealer Sound Deadener. Also available in a semi plastic version Gator Grip Semi Plastic Bitumen.

Note: On surfaces that foot or vehicular traffic occurs that will be classified as wear an annual re-application will be needed.

  • 80 to 100 square feet may be obtained on asphalt driveways depending on smell cracks and dryness of asphalt.
  • On smooth non porous surfaces a coverage of 100 square feet can be obtained.
  • Use in well ventilated areas.
  • Do not use in chemical or solvents transfer lines.
  • Resists minor solvent splashing.
  • Allow to dry well before applying white lines, reflectors, painting over with any paints etc.
  • Do not apply if rain is expected within 48 hours.
  • This material is not compatible to coal tar emulsions or water base sealers.
  • Newly constructed asphalt areas must not be coated until 4-6 months.