Thick Mastic Cement Roof Patch

This is thick trowel able mastic cement. Made from mineral spirits commonly found in silicone and most household glues, bitumen, clay and cellulose fibres. It was designed as a plastic type material.

Unlike most competitors, this product does not contain sulphuric acid or any corrosive materials that causes corrosion to steel roofs etc. Does not contain asbestos, benzene, acetone and toluene which are highly linked to cancer, birth defects, miscarriages etc.

  • Asbestos-free
  • Firm plastic seal
  • Trowel application


  • To seal leaks in or around roofs, foundation walls, vent pipes, flashing, air conditioning ports, skylights, shingles tabs, galvanize nails, ridging or seams, concrete or p.v.c. guttering.
  • Use to seal cracks in foundation walls prior to applying Gator Grip Semi-Plastic Coating.
  • Use only where a firm tight plastic seal is required.
  • Surfaces must be free from standing water, oil, grease, loose debris, flaking paints, rust scale etc.
  • For porous surfaces e.g. concrete or wooden surfaces priming must be done.
  • Gator grip semi-plastic liquid bitumen seals out the porosity and vapour. This application can be done to areas that moisture poses a threat.
  • Apply by trowel or shortened bristle paint brush on dry surfaces with a minimum of 1/8″, extend material 6 inches beyond problem area.
  • For a rubberized flexible seal use gator grip premium fibrated grade flexible roof patch.
  • For jobs that require a liquid e.g. hair line cracks on concrete roofs, wroth iron, fence post, asphalt driveway sealing etc. See Gator Grip Semi-Plastic or Semi-Enamel coatings.
  • A surface of 35 to 45 square feet may be covered if applied 1/8 of an inch. Use in well ventilated areas. Do not thin.
  • This product is a tough material, designed with durability in mind. It may not be easily removed.
  • For temporary jobs use a less durable roof patch or water base sealants.
  • Prime porous surfaces where water and moisture is prevalent.